Revised 31/12/2011 .

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Finally received certificate of year of manufacture from Heritage Motor Centre confirming that my engine was manufactured by Rover Cars Ltd, at Solihull, UK in June 1979.

After sand blasting the diff, it was treated to several coats of silver engine enamel.

After sending off enquiries for a Webber 500 carb kit, remote oil filter kit and baffled sump to all the usual V8 specialists, placed an order with Abbey Sports Cars. They were the cheapest and Paul Blackman gave plenty of advice. Also they have fitted Rover V8's into Rush's so have plenty of experience. Paul's advice on one of his e-mails was " good luck if you haven't already fitted the engine and ask for the assistance of as many people as you can. Its like trying to shoe-horn a size 10 foot into a size 6 boot !!"

All the brake and axle components that had been sent for zinc plating were ready for collection. Stuart picked them up for me from Allenchrome at Pocklington near York, which gave me the opportunity to take some photo's of his car (1.8 Zetec powered live axle Rush) whilst getting the parts from him.



Having got all the brake and axle components back meant I could get on with fitting the wheel bearings and assembling everything. The green plating was not particularly chosen for its colour, only for the fact that it gave the best level of protection, and those bits that are green are not really going to be seen anyway. I did make sure though that the brake components were plated yellow (not as effective as the green) to match the new rear brake callipers I had previously bought.


Next on the list of things to buy was the gearstick and remote. After sending off a few e-mails to transmission and Rover specialists, Freckleton Rover Centre confirmed a price of 60 for gearstick, remote and a clutch slave cylinder.

Decided that to pass time I might as well blast and paint the gearbox. At least I was pleasantly surprised when removing the gearbox from the engine that the clutch, flywheel and pressure plate looked to be brand new. I was told they would be but you can never be sure. A couple of hours later and the gearbox was looking like new. Also managed to get the front brake parts back together. I just hope they work Ok as they certainly look the part. The grey painted rocker covers were then  treated to a coating of Nitromors paint stripper - an hour later and a bit of work with a wire brush and the aluminium had come up a treat.

A large package arrived today containing the Weber carb kit and remote oil filter kit. Although I didn't really want to fit any of the parts I couldn't resist fitting the carb and air filter. I then began investigating the plumbing from the rocker breather / flame trap. It would appear from the Rpi Weber FAQ page that this is connected to the inlet pipe on the underside of the air filter housing. As the breather with the hose attached will probably clash with the bonnet, I have placed an order with Rimmer bros for a low level breather. I am not sure what the small vent on the other rocker cover is connected to. I've sent an e-mail to Paul Blackman asking the query whilst at the same time ordering a thermostat housing and banjo fuel connection for collection when I pick up the baffled sump.


I began thinking about the cost of exhausts and fittings to see if it would be cheaper elsewhere. Both Custom Chrome and Wunoff quoted around 1500 - 1600 for a fully fitted exhaust system which both said would be better than the Dax supplied one. Both then continued to tell me about the horror stories from Rush owners with the Dax supplied exhaust. Both seem tempting, the problem being getting the car to either of them to fit as it would require a trailer. But a possible 400 saving seems tempting, especially when the system will be fitted and guaranteed to work.

I gave Simon at Dax at ring today to see when he would need to have confirmation of my order. Having discussed the fact that many parts available from Dax can easily be obtained elsewhere for less, I was left with the task of itemising all parts that I may purchase from them with a one off payment to see what discount would be offered. At least this way I can work out a true comparison. It was a bit of a shock though realising that all the parts, at list price totalled over 11,000 incl VAT. I suppose this did include 2000 for exhausts, 1000 for leather seats / trim / etc and 1000 for wheels.





speedo sensor, bonnet catches, final trim, MOT & SVA


Nosecone, Rear tub, front mudguards, alarm


Finishing fitting the dashboard


Carpets, seats and Dashboard


Making a start on the interior


Lights working


Bonnet, Nosecone, Headlights


1st drive


Rear mudguards and lights


Engine loom wiring, Alternator bracket, Distributor, Engine Started, Speedo sensor, Transmission tunnel fitting, Exhausts, Side panels


Steering column, Front axle, Pedal box, Wheel studs, Fuel tank, Wiring loom, Rear tub, Remote oil filter, Front bulkhead / battery shelf, Column switches


Footwell panels, Rear axle, Brake pipes, Rear bulkhead, Fuel pump, Engine installed


Collect kit from Dax, Painting chassis, Remote oil filter takeoff plate, Floor panels, A frame bushes


Gearstick remote, Baffled sump


Preparing LT77 gearbox, exhaust options, Costs for kit


3.62:1 LSD


Front hub bearings, Engine age


Preparing donor differential, drive shafts, hubs