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Following plenty of searching through the local papers , free ads and adverts in local shops, I came across a Sierra ghia 2.0 litre injection for sale in Doncaster for 250 and arranged to go and have a look. It was probably more than I wanted to pay but it did start up first time, had 48,000 genuine ! miles on the clock , 6 months MOT and 2 weeks Tax. I usually consider that I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to bartering, but on this occasion I gave up and handed over the full amount. The guy who I went to see did not know that his wife had advertised the car so was in two minds to sell it when I turned up on his doorstep - still, it was the cheapest car I had ever bought and it was still road worthy (but not for much longer) !


The cars bodywork was in excellent condition both inside and out considering its age. Driving it however was not much fun with no power steering and the fact that it had four different types of remoulds for tyres with treads which resembled those from an off-roader.

So it was that my decision was made not to run around in it for the two weeks until the tax ran out, but to strip it down straight away. I started carefully at first removing everything from the inside, then moving on to removing doors, bonnet and boot; the intention being to salvage everything I could in case it came in handy later.


Most tools I had already, but I decided I would be better off buying an engine hoist rather than trying to hire or borrow one - I could always sell it on later - and went off to Machine Mart. I did fall lucky though, as when I rang up to see if they had one in stock, it was mentioned that that there was a special VAT free offer on that night after 6pm.  I have come to appreciate that it was a worthwhile investment.

Given the age of the car and the fact that I had never stripped down a car before, everything came to bits quite easily.  I couldn't believe how simple it was to take out the engine and gearbox - let's hope it goes back in as easily. I did have a bit of help however from my father-in-law, Eddie.


I found it very satisfying wrecking a car and would recommend it to anyone for relieving stress !

The main parts salvaged for definite reuse or exchange were the rear drive shafts, differential (7"), gearbox (Type 9), engine (2.0L SOHC - Pinto), front hubs, brake callipers, and other engine ancillaries (starter motor, alternator, etc). I also kept the VIN plate and cut out the chassis number as future evidence if needed for the SVA.

After making sure that all remains of the fuel system had been removed, the shell and chassis were cut up into small enough pieces with a stihl saw, then put in a trailer and taken to the scrap skip at the local tip.


  Next step, cleaning and refurbishment of donor parts..........


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